Tips for Offering Discounts

One of the main strategies that companies use to generate more revenue by selling products and services is by offering golden discounts. Customers love discounts even if they end up paying more than the appropriate price. They will run to your shop when they hear that you are offering a 50% discount when one purchasing ten products, not knowing that the total cost of the ten products is pure profit.

Here are some tips for offering discounts in the hotel industry.


Know your Worth

The worth of your services and the amenities that the clients get to enjoy when they come to your restaurant should guide you when deciding the rate of discounts to offer. The higher the quality the lesser the discount, the lower the quality, the higher the discount. However, you need to make sure the quality remains equal if not better despite offering a discount.

Know your Customers

The customer is always right. Hence, if you do not know him or her, you will end up been unable to offer the best services. The same case applies to provision of discounts, if you do not know the customers, you will not be able to know the right discount to offer.

That is all you need to know about discounting hospitality services. Make sure that you involve your team in the decision making and do research to know if it is the right time to offer the discounts.

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